With all of the other impending changes surrounding me, I thought it was time for the scenery around here to get a fresh new design. It's not quite finished, as there is some tweaking to do, and the header will continue to change monthly, as always.

If you're reading this in a feedburner of some sort, please, come on in, check it out. I'm bound to have broken some things in my need to rearrange (clumsily) a perfectly good template to suit my own needs. Feel free to let me know if things look wonky.

Thanks to the folks who originally designed this, and to the other folks who formatted it for blogger. I hope you feel comfy around the new place and you return often.


The Bracelet said...

Thumbs up!

Betty Underground said...

I am literally swimming. No drowning in blog design envy and must immediately know where you got this most fantastic template?

That I am certain works well even in Firefox!

elizabeth said...

you can find the original design for wordpress at

which was then retooled for blogger by the people at this site:

(unless you are fluent in spanish, i recommend putting that url into

*and it seems that they are currently undergoing maintenance*

as you can see, i changed the color, took out the background, and generally messed with it until it was as clean as i wanted it to be.

the only browser compatibility issue i know of is with some versions of internet explorer. god, that browser is the suckness.