a seed has been planted

After I mentioned my renewed obsession with yoga the other day, I had no idea how much I have obviously been projecting that. After yoga tonight, the owner of the studio asked if we could have a chat. He wants me to consider becoming an instructor there. This involves a very strenuous training program, and I would have to be away for 2 months with virtually no contact with the outside world during that time. The odd thing is, I'm seriously considering it. I have plenty of time to ponder it, as the training only happens in the spring and fall. I have no idea where my head will be in a week, much less 4 or 9 months from now, but this is something that could germinate.

On a completely unrelated and random note...have you been watching Project Runway? Good stuff. You really just cannot beat the entertainment value to be gotten from a room full of queens in the throws of cutthroat competition.