how i waste time

Without much new to bitch about today (the car drama is still going on, but even I am tired of it), I thought I would share my TiVo contents, because I know how telling this can be about a person. These are in no particular order, just what appears as I flip through.

Ham on the Street: new Food Network show that I discovered late late night recently. American via France chef cooks stuff on the street or in local restaurants/diners, and people actually eat it..some of it looks yummy, some of it scary. yummy:chocolate breakfast sandwich. scary: calamari hotcakes

Isaac: Isaac..Mizrahi..fabulous. Need I say more?

Everything Poker related. My latest favorite.

Grey's Anatomy: medical drama as good as old-school ER, with better relationship drama, because the main character isn't whiny or pathetic.

The L Word: lesbians, love, season just started, if you haven't watched, I highly reccommend

Project Runway: We've discussed this; if you don't watch it, you suck

House: this show took a while to catch a following, but those of us who found it are totally hooked and not a little fanatical. I guess the Golden Globe win might fix the audience issue. One of those rare shows where the chemistry between the cast truly pulls you in. And the main character is brilliant, sarcastic and totally funnny. Think Willy Wonka of medicine.

and, finally...

Love Monkey: Also a new show, and a total keeper. Tom Cavanagh is adorable. He actually very much reminds me of a guy I fell for once, in that quirky, terminally single, despite being such a great catch, sort of way. The main character deals with his career, relationships and his close friends. Another great bonus is the music. Tom plays a music exec guy, so he's in search of discovering new, raw talent. Lots of musician cameos.

So, that's me in TV form. I suppose, going by that list, I am a hungry, fashion-conscious, gambling-obsessed, medically fascinated, alternative lifestyle-appreciating girl with empathy toward living and dating in NYC, who likes good music. Not a bad summation.

I will accept TiVo suggestions, but the following are prohibited: American Idol (suck), crime dramas, and court shows.


kerewin said...

Have you seen Entourage? It is FANfrickintastic. Very funny, great cameos and the two main guys are cute, cute, cute!

elizabeth said...

ah yes, i should have specified that series that are in repeats now aren't listed..those include Entourage, Sopranos, Huff, Weeds..pretty much all the hbo and showtime series...sigh I miss Six Feet Under.

Jeff said...

So I guess I won't toss CSI NY, CSI Miami or CSI in here. Nor will I give you any of the Law & Orders. But I will suggest:
Scrubs - pure genius
Numbers - very cool and plausible (unlike many CSI episodes)
Antiques Road Show
Inside the Actor's Studio
and a whole assortment of movies on HBO, IFC and any channel that's free on a given "PREVIEW" weekend.

BTW - Love Monkey is super and I was crushed when Ed was cancelled. I like Tom more because I aspire to be as cool as all his scripts make him out to be. And I occasionally try to grow my hair to look as cute...but don't tell anyone.