short blurbs

First of all...Project Runway. Genius. If you're not watching it, you suck.

Ok, I like to shop, admittedly. But this place makes it even more enjoyable. They have cute office supplies. That's impressive. You may now covet my über cool knife magnets. If I was a website designer, I would totally steal that site design, too.

And back to the sucking..Placebo and Freud..for the little brain teaser. Hate you.

Updated: Thank you, Jeff for the link thingy. Look, it works


Jeff said...

Didn't answer 9 of the 34, got the others all right. Not a genius, just a savant.

Jeff said...

Your comments on my blog interrupted my morning bowl of Montery Jack, but I'll respond. Your links now show up underlined - I THINK - because Blogger's default might be to underline links that open in a new window. My blog is done in WordPress and is hosted on my own site and I guess it doesn't have that default.
OK. Short answer, "I don't know."
But you still interrupted my cheese and for that I'll have to create an entire entry.