Ok, I haven't written anything because I think that whole thing with my last client has given me a serious case of the ickies. You know, just kinda not feeling like dealing. The thing at the studio is being resolved, though it's going to be expensive and a bit annoying. I need to start on my new project tomorrow, because it needs to get done so I can go down to my sister's and love on that little baby. Also on the agenda tomorrow: going back to yoga. It's been almost a month, my body feels like crap. I would have gone today, but refer to the first sentence of this.

On the subject of the whole blah thing, I tend to get extra irritable when I feel this way, and most people in my life get it. Occassionally though, there is that one friend who feels the need to push the boundaries. Such was the conversation last night with "T". First of all, he wanted to ask me about getting involved with a girl with a heart condition. He was worried that if they did hook up, he would inevitably upset her and kill her; he was scared about rough sex, because what if he killed her... blah blah blah. Ok, first of all, do you see M.D. after my name? There's a reason for that. How the hell should I know if you'll be able to have rough sex with some girl I know nothing about except for the vague description you've given of "serious heart condition"? And more importantly, why should I care? So when I made a flippant comment about not being a doctor, I was told that I have a lot of "hatred inside me". He then told me "Take care and God bless", then took off. So here is my response, since I know he reads this and this is supposed to be my place to vent, right?

1. If you're going to ask me relationship advice, can it be something within the realm of my knowledge? Because medical questions don't qualify as relationship advice. I personally feel like this is your way of letting me know that you think you're so damn sexy, you'll kill some girl with a heart condition. Fairly pathetic. As for the question of whether you will upset her? Absolutely you will, by acting like a petulant child and throwing a temper tantrum, as you are so apt to do. I don't know if it will affect her heart, but she'll surely want to smack the shit out of you.

2. Not that I have anything against religion or spirituality, but "Bless you" from someone who knows less about spirituality than I know about a mysterious heart condition is simply ridiculous. Go bless yourself with some knowledge.

3. And finally, kindly fuck off.

Ok then, that about does it for the venting.


Jeff said...

I need relationship advice. There's this really hot designer who won't ever sign off of IM in the proper way....
ie: blah, blah, blah; ok, goodnight; L (first initial)
Should I:

1 - complain about her on her blog
2 - offer her a timeshare week in Orlando with my friend Boafie
3 - Do nothing and sit stark upright in bed all night hoping she'll change
4 - pay more attention to her poker advice in hopes that she'll come around
5 - stop wasting time commenting on blogs and get to work to pay for the aforementioned timeshare


Aimless and Amorous

elizabeth said...

oh, jeff...i will be happy to share my great wisdom with you.

1. check
2. of course, a much needed vacation can always mend woes
3. i find staying up all night to be the least effective method of figuring anything out. i do it all the time anyway.
4. stop playing A2, especially when someone bets all-in. that hand sucks
5. work shmirk