Geek stuff for Free Stuff

I am so far from a computer geek, it's laughable that I'd give advice on applications. BUT, I think that's the exact reason my advice is valid. If you, too, know little or nothing about the innerworkings of your mac, but want stuff to work how and when you want it, or maybe want some fun stuff to play with...this could help.

Freemacware has links so you can download all of these applications on their site. So, here are my favorites, and why I like them.

ArtRage This is one of those things just for fun. I personally like to paint portraits of people and send them.

Firefox good browser, use it to test formatting stuff for my blog

Google Earth Just so cool. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so. Put your address in there, or an address in Bangkok. The detail is amazing.

QuickSilver Because I'm totally impatient and want to open any application or web page instantly. Dan's tutorials will get you up and running with this tool in a few minutes, and you will never ever want to be without it again.

Dashboard Starter Again, the impatience deems this one necessary. If you've ever started your computer and tried to envoke the dashboard, only to be tapping your foot with frustration while it slowly came around, well, you may need to seek therapy for your over-urgency..but also, you will want this.

So, those are my favorites. Publish your own favorites and you could get free stuff!