One Yoga Class, Extra Crispy Please

So, I worked out this deal (as a newly established starving artist, the barter system is a good thing) where I could keep my yoga habit without paying for it. I'm going to come in early a few days to class and help check in other students. Then I'll take class for free. Cool, huh? So, today was the first day for me to go and learn the ropes. Simple computer system, new student forms, blah blah. No-brainer stuff. I don't normally do Friday evening classes, but the guy who is training me figured it would be a good slow day to learn what I need to. Today happened to be 74∘and when the weather suddenly changes to spring, the usual 100∘yoga room doesn't so much differentiate between today's yummy sunniness to yesterday's cold, windy 50∘. By midway through, the room was 122∘. Yikes.