After mulling over the date, I have the pros and cons of cute ungay boy as I see them so far.

Very cute
Affectionate, yet in a non-clingy, I-will-suffocate-you sort of way
Gives compliments without seeming cheesy, which is hard to do with me.
Does NOT like sports (to watch, on tv)
Does like laughing at silly movies
He was sweet to my puppies

I can drink him under the table. Ok this isn't really so much a con, since I prefer my men to be of the non-alcoholic variety
He DOES like sci-fi.
Divorced..after being married for like 3 seconds.*

So, there's the run-down. Good times.

*The fact that he was married, he says, proves that "he is not afraid to commit", to which I replied "but also not one to actually take that commitment seriously". I know, that was a little harsh..come to think of it, the fact that he laughed at that obnoxious reply belongs up there, in the pro catagory.

Will keep y'all updated on that and any other upcoming dating stuff. Oh, speaking of that, one of the blind dates is so out, after the guy was pre-screened for me by my friend.


Jeff said...

Is boafie now working at a Yoga gallery (what is the Yoga facility called?), because that pro and con description sounded a lot like him.
And I guess it could be the case because I never see him and the ungay cute guy in the same place at the same time and he's been very cryptic lately about how much he hates sports and can't drink.
I'm a veritable Hercule Poroit!
Can we double date? I'll bring nutmeg down your way and we could all go to IKEA.
Also, it's good to finally see that Blogger has fixed their issues.