So, I got home a little while ago from girl's night out, in celebration of my friend's birthday. Good times were had by all, but that isn't really what this post is about. When I got home, I clicked on the tv and was confronted with Nick Lachey (Mr. Jessica Simpson) in his Mtv Special "What's Left of Me". If you haven't seen it, let me enlighten you. It's basically an hour of him whining about his break up and shamelessly self-promoting his new album that is apparently one long kvetch after another, disguised as bad boy-band-member-turned-solo-artist "music", about the break up. We've all be through sucky failed relationships, and far be it for me to discount the emotion of all of that. However, as an artist, it would be parallel to me welding together a bunch of sharp pointy things, entitling it pain and heartbreak and trying to sell it as my personal catharsis. It's just bullshit. It's an hour-long video promotion of his album, and he's using his highly publicized divorce to sell records. Bravo to him if someone falls for it and he becomes richer and more famous for it, I guess. On a personal level, there anything LESS endearing and attractive in a man than listening to him bleat and moan about his broken heart? Blah. Maybe I've been exposed to too much estrogen this evening and I'm feeling no empathy...OR maybe it's his utter lack of believable sincerity. Yup, that must be it.


Jeff said...

Yo, B.

Remember back about four or five months ago when I told you all about my shattered soul. Well, that wasn't me.

Luckily, I've just broken free of my captors - those evildoers who made me read from a script of weeping, wailing, sniffling and howling - and now can confide in you the true story.

I'm strong and have seldom, if ever, felt like I was wronged by a women. Of course, that's because women are the stronger sex and are smarter too. They know what's best for the world, they make the best drivers too.

Most of all, there's nothing I like better than the cooing and nurturing a woman provides when confronted with a baby, a puppy or a pair of shoes.

I hope your other readers are as enlightened a male as I. No need for you to continue your roar.

Henry Reddy

sitboaf said...

And you watched this for an hour because....?

I've decided that one of my new favorite hobbies is actually studying all the magazines and tabloids while in the supermarket checkout line. I will mentally blacklist anybody who appears on a cover. Nick and Jessica are writhing - deep in the lower levels of Gossip Hell, and there's no chance of them ever escaping.

elizabeth said...

it was like a train wreck, i couldn't stop watching. i realize today that the post was a bit harsh, because i've had guy friends cry on my shoulder about broken heart matters, and i've always felt empathy for it's not that i find a man weak for being hurt. in fact, in most cases, it's nice to see the vulnerability we women often think does not exist in men. it's just that in this case, it seemed so insincere, and like such self-promotion, it was completely annoying.

tom said...

Never, never think that you can be too harsh in criticizing someone who agrees to allow their life to be made into a reality television show. They sign over all rights as a human being the day they sign that contract.

And, there's a giant difference between a man crying on a friend's shoulder and a man who will do the same on national television while promoting an album of the same whining.