week in review

I apologize for being somewhat absent..here's what's going on since I got back on Wednesday night.

Missing Lillian terribly. She totally wreaked havok on my crazy sleep/wake schedule, which is probably a good thing. It is not so much fun waking up at 7:30am without her gurgling, little chubby face to wake up to, though.

Bubba is doing much better. Perfect, in fact. He is running around and eating like a greedy piglet and being a general nuisance to China, who loves him, though I'm sure she is tired of being dry humped. This is how he shows his affection for her when he is feeling good and healthy.

Date with CNG boy last night, in which he demonstrated his pretty head's ability to think some more. Unfortunately, a few of those thoughts, politically speaking, are a little... umm ...annoying. But, I say that I'm looking for someone who can intelligently disagree with me sometimes, and that's what I get, right? In all honesty, I can't take much issue with most of what he said, but this line in particular, which is a direct quote, makes me cringe more than a little: "I think overall, Bush is well-intentioned". Yeah, as in the president...horrible, right? Maybe he's just a glass is half-full kind of guy? He wants to believe in the innate goodness of people? Or he's a war-mongering closet republican? Ugh...he made up for it with other good thoughts and other conversations, and in general sweetness. But I'd be lying if I said I'm not a bit eeked out.