opinionated anyone?

I had a feeling that when I first discovered CNG's political preferences, that it could be a problem. I discovered tonight that it was, indeed. We had what I thought was a fairly amusing debate about the current state of the administration, and the things I found so offensive about it, and he retorted with a lot of very calm reasoning about why I must be misinformed. This is all well and good, but for one thing. When I am debating about something I have strong opinions about, I am passionate. The decibel goes up, I become animated..this is the way I am. Apparently, my passion can be misconstrued as "steamrolling the conversation". Ha. I'm thinking maybe I should come with a warning label that says "Not built for dating the faint of heart or oversensitive". He was clearly upset, and while a part of me felt badly about it (and I tried to calmly explain myself when he told me he was upset), there was another part that wanted to shout, "Stop being such a pussy!" Seriously, if I need to hear about how you felt invalidated for 20 minutes after a political debate, imagine what it would be like if we had an argument about something immediately relevant in a relationship. I would be wiping the snot from his nose anytime I disagreed with him, and to keep from upsetting him too much, the disagreement would have to be worded something like this: "As wonderful as you are, and my disagreement in no way reflects how I feel about you as a person, but oh, can you please try to understand that I might not have exactly the same opinion as you do on this matter? Perhaps you can see things from my perspective, as I will try to see them from yours." Never. Gonna. Happen. Sometimes you just gotta say "You're full of shit".

In what was a fabulous coincidence, I got a text message at the beginning of this conversation from the ex who has been contemplating visiting. After I dropped off CNG, I texted him back, congratulating him on his timing, messaging me during what was the date from hell. He immediately called me and when I told him what had just transpired, I was immediately reminded of why I had such a good time with him. When I asked him why our arguments never got that out of hand, he laughed and said, "Baby, that argument would have ended the minute you started getting crazy, because that just gets me hot, and we'd have had crazy, passionate sex, and neither of us would care what we were arguing about to begin with". That's what I'm saying, people. It's not so difficult.

I hereby add to my list:

A man who is sensitive, but not overly-so. I am the girl in the relationship.


sitboaf said...

Does he eat his peas one at a time, too?
Sheesh, can you take the claws off and not leave the other half of the human race curled up in a puddle of their own tears?

elizabeth said...

to clarify, by the time i dropped him off, he was right pissed off, and not crying. the crying part will come when he calls me again. why do i just know he will, too?

40nthefloor said...

LoL another one bites the dust.. I wonder what he will blog under..You go lizzy, haha. You have adapted some englandish slang..Just observation. As i have been wrong many many times as you have proven also.

Jeff said...

1. Post argument sex is magical.
2. Magical political arguments cannot always be predictable.
3. Predictable people are seldom suited for interaction.
4. Interaction is necessary to perpetuate the human race and to make us all feel worthy.
5. Worthy discussions are those in which you make valid points and in which you can give the other person his or her due.
6. Due to circumstances beyond our control, sometimes the 'mate' isn't a worthy participant or is as lively as a post.
(you can start again at the beginning with the word "post" if you didn't follow the pattern - last word = first word of the next point)