Water Wall

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wondering what that dark thing is in the middle?

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Wasn't the best day for pictures, as it was very cloudy and icky, but there it is.


sitboaf said...

I WASN'T wondering what the dark thing in the middle was. But I DID wonder what she was holding.
I think she ripped the arm of another monkey right out of the socket, and is brandishing it like a trophy
while screeching hysterically.
Kinda like in the movie 2001, when the one monkey picked up a bone, had an epiphany, and promptly smashed another monkey to a pulp.

Kel said...

why thank you!

very impressive -

I like the monkey figure ;)

tom said...

Very cool! Looks great and I love the monkey. In fact, sometimes I love the monkey too much but I'm digressing...

Jeff said...

1. I think that it's getting far too overrun with monkeys right here on this message/comment area.

2. If that monkey is crafted to scale, that wall must be as large as Bette Midler.

3. I wish you had curved the wall to make it the world's largest copper hammock.

4. Which brings me back to the gutter...thinking that a hammock that large is just right to hold my monkey.

Kel said...

ok - I am looking at this again - and I see the faint swirls on the wall (I do see those right, I've only had 2 margaritas)

is the copper treated to remain "copper" and to retain those imprints? rather than oxidizing?

elizabeth said...

the monkey is not life sized..she was meant to be a little surprise, so yes, she's purposely much smaller in scale to the wall, which is huge. it's 16 feet long x 6 feet high.

as for the copper, yes, there are swirls, which were ground into the surface as well as torched. there are other torch marks that didn't show so much in the photos. it's been treated so it will slow down the oxidation process, but it will eventually, like all copper outdoors, patina. because the markings were physically etched as well and burned in, they should still remain fairly prominent after it darkens and oxidizes. worst case scenario is that i can always go back and touch up the surface if it gets too flat.

thanks everyone, for your nice words..it's always a little intimidating to put something i create out for public consumption on the internet.

Kel said...

oh, I love that you posted photos and so hope you continue to share your work!

and I appreciate you taking the time to explain/answer questions!

kerewin said...

It is amazing and beautiful! Worth all the hard work and cursing. Plus the monkey is ADORABLE!