self sacrifice and more runway

Yes, I have decided to enter a blogger poker tournament. I'd like to see more of this kind of thing (the poker world, by large, is not fully aware that there are lots of mac users who are poker addicts), so I'm showing my support. Yes, I fully expect both Joe Speaker and Bobby Bracelet to rob me blind. I'm ok with that.

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Here is where those of you who may have been lured into the poker thing can now look away, because there is more Project Runway talk needed:

Now that I've had two episodes to take in the talents (or lack thereof) of the designers, and their personalities, here's what I think:

Malan: my first impression of him was terrible. I thought he was arrogant and obnoxious, and while that may have been true of him when he was auditioning, I think the experience humbled him a lot. I found myself empathizing with him, just as he was kicked off. I don't think his departure was unwarranted. His dress was pretty terrible, but he does have passion and he was not the guy I loved to hate, as I suspected.

That role goes to Angela who is just a bitch. Before she went on to be a useless, whiny partner to Vincent (more on him below), she tried to buddy up to Kane, because she knew he would be a front runner in this competion, and for good reason. He's the adorable gay boy I just want to squeeze and go shopping with. He's also very talented, but he's from pageant world, and I hope his style can translate as well into other types of design. Speaking of translating...there's Laura. I think she has very cool, clean design sensibilities, which definitely represent her architectural background. If she can step a little outside that super simple box, she could go far in this competition.

I still hold high hopes for Jeffrey, but conversely, my support for Vincent was totally unfounded. I don't really see anything special in what he's done so far, and this little gem, with the shoulders, is vomitous, despite it being my favorite color. And not only were the shoulders a bad choice, but it was sewn really terribly. Tim Gun said so, and his opinion pretty much rules.

Keith has been a pleasant surprise. Coming from menswear, I didn't expect much from him (anyone remember Emmet from last season?). I stand corrected. His stuff so far has been lovely.

My prediction for Uli is that she will be labeled the "one note". Her stuff is pretty, but so far (including auditioning stuff), it's pretty much the same dress with different materials and trim. I'm underwhelmed, as Michael Kors would say. Speaking of, where the hell is that evil queen?

If you've read this far, if you've followed all those links, you are a design addict. Congratulations. You might want to check out HGTV's interior design version of PR: Design Star. I promise that it doesn't make you gay if you're a straight guy. If you're a gay guy, let yourself be known via witty repartee in comments. It premiers tomorrow night. I will hopefully be basking in the glow of my poker tournament win.


Huge Junk said...

I skipped to the end.

And don't worry about Mr. Speaker, he's a crappy poker player. Watch out for me because I may be a poker prodigy that unleashes his gift at any given moment. Sure, it hasn't happened yet, but it could happen.

Joe Speaker said...

Very cool. Methinks there's a bit of gamesmanship in your sandbagging, however.

Bob's right. I never have anything. When I bet, call.