Thanks and Sorry

Thanks to:

Kere and Kel, for your apparent infectious obsession with the order in which you (and now I) read all blogs on the daily feed. I hate (but still love, really) you both.

Schnozz, for (rather insistently) directing me to Google Reader, which I love much more than bloglines, which now just annoys me.

Sorry to:

the people who came here looking for:

  • pictures of Brazil: I haven't yet been, but would be happy to go, and take lots of pictures if you'd like to send me there.
  • extreme tattoos: I had no idea that one tattoo post would lead you astray. Perhaps you followed the link and found what you were looking for. You're welcome.
  • dating a bitch: Well, I haven't dated a bitch, per se, but perhaps you can track down a blog written by someone I've dated, as I'm sure they'll have plenty of advice on what to do if you are.


Huge Junk said...

Wow, your search hits are much more tame than mine. Why just today I got hits because of "amputated gay" and "anaconda dildo."

I also got "why would somebody want to choose the harder life and want to be gay?" and "double penised man."

Want to trade websites???

I guess you can't avoid the gay search terms when you throw the word gay in your title. I deserve every weird ass search hit I get.

Oh yeah, the best from today was "he took off my trousers, gay"

kerewin said...

You're welcome! Anytime, my dear.

Schnozz said...

Insistent? MEEE?

Amusingly, I got more Bloglines subscribers this week than I ever have gained in such a short amount of time. Proof that people DO NOT REALLY LISTEN TO ME.

elizabeth said...

hj: yeah i get lots of bitch stuff, like you get the gay hits, i just find most of them boring. the fact that it's leading people to me, seemingly to let them know if they're dating a bitch, makes me think those robots...they are catching on

kere: you're a snot

schnozz: oh, to get people to pay attention, you shall start with the opposite-speak. want people to read a beautiful love story? start out with a tale of a drunken anti-hero...oh, wait, you're way ahead of me, never mind. yay for google reader. they'll come around.