New Roomie Saga Begins

It's been almost 3 months since the last roommate saga. That one moved out the day after I wrote that, and I haven't had one since. There was a girl who was supposed to move in...she actually moved some stuff in shortly after the room was vacated, but she never quite made the full move. A friend of a friend came by this morning to check the place out and it looks like he'll be moving in the next couple of days. I'm definitely a bit gun shy after that first experience, but he seems harmless enough so far. He also works about 13 hours a day, as he just started a new business, so that means he has the most important quality in a roommate I don't know very well. He won't be here too much.

Please cross fingers and toes that I don't have another psycho on my hands.


Saddam said...

Best of luck with that. Living with someone else can be complete hell.

sitboaf said...

I had a certain experience with a certain roommate who had a certain job with certain hours which, shall we say, made us cross paths about once every, i'd say... never.
Which was good.
Then a certain roommate got a certain "regular" job, and GodHelpMe, I have developed a certain desire to strangle kittens.
Luckily, my new house beckons me.
So, beware. Should any problems arise, nip any problems in the bud.
Or, just sleep with him. That seems to work too.