Man Notes™ VII

In a rare moment of optimism, this installment of the Man Notes™ will focus on the positive. That's right, sometimes the boys, they get things right. That sort of thing needs to be appreciated.

As a woman, I'm sure it's no surprise that I like attention. When I talk, I like to be really listened to. Yay! for men who can give their undivided attention for hours, and even days at a time. The kind of attention that makes a girl feel smart and pretty and funny and just good. There should be a medal for this kind of behavior...or at least a badge, like Boy Scouts get. It could be called the "I'm-not-a-self-centered-ass" badge. It could also be called the "I-am-capable-of-looking-into-your-eyes-and-not-just-staring-at-your-boobs" badge, because that is equally important. Not that you can't ever stare at boobs. Sometimes we like that, too. Knowing when to do that is a separate badge altogether.

Being gracious and sweet, not just to the woman you're with, but to people around drivers, waiters, random will not go unnoticed. It's at least as influential in forming an opinion of you, as how you treat the lady.

Honesty...the real kind, that reveals your faults, however small, will only endear you to a good woman. It's also the only way to get the same out of her. Most women can shelter themselves really well. They've had lots of practice. I'd much rather feel like it's unnecessary, and honesty is the key to that.

Surprises are fun! Surprises that are an example of your thoughtfulness and that completely demonstrate that first point of the listening are fun! and also deeply appreciated. Going away presents are also very much fun!!!

I'll end with this important one, only because this could get long and potentially overly-girly. Treat your time with a woman you like as if it's precious. Wait til the very last second to leave when the time comes, and when it does, look at her as if you're taking a mental photograph of her. That's the stuff that causes weak knees.

See? I don't always pick on you boys. I'm more than happy to focus on the good stuff when you put it out there.

Oh, just one more thing. The hotness? It doesn't hurt.


Jeff said...

I liked it better when you were talking about pigs.

By the way, I put a duck up on my blog.

Huge Junk said...

Whoever the guy is that caused this particular versio of Ma otes, must be...

1. Fucki g Awesome!
2. Lucky that you like him
3. A d left ha ded?

Sorry. I have somethi g wro g with my " " key.

elizabeth said...

jeff: sorry to disappoint, but the duck is cute, even if he got the uncreative name "duck"

hj: that pesky 'n' key can be a problem.

1. all evidence points to that being true
2. not sure luck has all that much to do with it
3. last i checked, both hands were equally capable. might require more research.

Kid Dynamite said...

1) I'm going to throw up if you two don't quit this flirting
2) I'm going to pummel BB if I shall ever meet him again, on account of gigantic pussitude.

elizabeth said...

pfft...says the guy who's most recent post is a display of the (heart-emblazoned!!!) cupcakes his woman baked him, followed by the (very cute) puppy who stole one of them. and i quote:

"Instead of being mad at him, we were impressed. The little guy is impossible to get mad at."

i rest my case. and do i get to place bets on the kd vs. bb fight?

sitboaf said...

Hmm... May I make a suggestion? You concluded, "Oh, just one more thing. The hotness? It doesn't hurt."
Realistically, this should read, "The hotness? If you don't have it, all the other points that I just made become null and void. Buh-bye."

Huge Junk said...

We should totally stop flirting and just have sex and get it over with.

Do you cry after sex like most of the girls I've been with?

elizabeth said...

boaf: i wouldn't say it quite that snotty, but the suggestion is still appreciated.

hj: i would totally consider that, even with the fear of crying, only there's the awesome, lucky, left handed dude. i'll let you know when i tire of him, though.