Additional Benefits

Sometimes going to yoga has added entertainment value. Last night, two of my favorite scenarios played out.

1. Muscle-bound gym guy. When I checked him into the computer, I notice it's his first week. I knew this would be a good source of giggles, since muscle-bound gym guys always feel like they can overpower the yoga class with their brute strength. During the standing and balancing portion of the series, he faltered a bunch, but that's normal. The fun part came when we were lying down doing various spine strengthening postures, and his big muscle-y arms couldn't reach his ankles, he could not lift his arms and legs in an airplane fashion while lying on his belly, or really anything else that required any sort of spine flexibility. Not funny because he wasn't able to do it, but because he decided that instead of trying, he would simply flip over and start doing crunches. In the middle of a yoga class. Yoga instructors love that kind of thing.

2. During that same part of the class, a girl who seemed to be in great shape, positioned fairly close to muscle-bound, simply sat up on her yoga mat. Taking breaks, especially for beginners, is not a big deal, but after a few minutes, the instructor encouraged her to rejoin us. Her reply: "I can't do any of that stuff on my belly, it hurts my breast implants. It feels like they're gonna pop."

Good stuff.