How to remain my friend forEVER and ever

Went out to dinner last night with one of my best girlfriends. K is someone who has known me since high school, and one of the reasons we likely became so close to begin with, is her ability to make me laugh. Not just because she's a funny girl, which she is, but even more so because she is fearless, and is willing to go to great lengths to entertain people.

Case in point: After dinner at a delicious Ethiopian restaurant, we headed to a martini bar. As we found our spot opposite the bar, it was impossible not to notice the group of guys gathered directly across from us. Mostly because of the seeming leader of the small pack, sporting a porn mustache and stylish rugby shirt.

Was he put there just to amuse me? Because it was working. K told me she wanted to comb his mustache, which sent me into a giggle fit. I told her if she really loved him, she would go flip up his collar, to make him that much cooler, then stroke his mustache. As she sauntered over to the group of guys, I could barely control myself. When she flipped up his collar and began to finger his substantial facial hair, the tears were streaming down my face. That is a true friend. When she returned to her seat next to me, I told her that if she had a penis, I would totally marry her.