I'm Still Here Sometimes

Aren't you all glad that Wheezy has been here to pick up the slack for me? Because there's been lots of slack, and for various reasons. First, there's the whole working a semi-real job, hopefully temporarily, but still a slow torture for someone who is used to working on a schedule based on when-I-feel-like-it. Like, I feel like doing this today, but I will take a nap at some point, and maybe work until 1am because that's when I'm feeling creative. This is how I work best. Clocking in and out and attending meetings? Not so much. It makes me itchy on the inside.

Also, because irony is my friend, no sooner did I agree to the itch-inducing job, did I get an email from a former client who wants more stuff. A good client, who is nice and very artist-friendly, and that is very good news.

Also, there is the traveling, which is for all the right reasons, but I don't believe there has been an issue-free travel experience between all the flights my man and I have taken over the past couple of months. There are plane delays and freak weather conditions, and mechanical issues. Luckily for me, most of those things just wind up as extra days together, so I choose to believe it's the universe's way of gifting me more goodness, which I so clearly deserve.

Speaking of gifts, I'm sure you've all been in suspense over what the birthday gift was for my man. Joe Speaker had the best guess with the banana hammock, but there just isn't one that can accommodate him, if you know what I mean. I know you might think that's hyperbole, with all of the huge junk talk, but I have proof. Proof in the form of an exact casting, and I'm totally willing to auction it off for the right price. But I warn you...shipping and handling charges won't be cheap.

Anyway...the gift. I made him something special. It's a treasure chest of sorts, made out of steel. I filled it with all sorts of goodies, which I will leave to your collective imagination.

So, to summarize...I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, the birthday weekend trip was great, junk casting to highest bidder, and hand-made gifts are super cool (macaroni necklaces excluded), especially when made better with goodies.


MonkeyDragon said...

once again, I forget to have enough coffee before visiting your blog

rewind, 4 more shots of espresso . . .

dang, my life is SO . . . I think "domesticated" is the word ;)