When Wheezy got tagged, I thought I ducked under the meme radar, but apparently, donkey puncher crawls around under radars looking for people. It's not that I'm some sort of blog snob, who thinks that meme's are beneath me or something. It's just that this whole damn blog is random. See that, over there to the left? That's some more randomness. So...these are the first 7 things that popped into my head.

Sad as it is, Paris Hilton and I now have something in common. You know how she's supposed to go to jail because she was driving with a suspended license? Ok, well her case also involves drunken, reckless driving, but I was just driving with said suspended license. Yeah, I did 10 days of house arrest, with super hot ankle bracelet, for that. Side note: write Paris's autopsy here. I'd love to read what some of you sickos write.

I have a very low tolerance for cold. If it drops below 74, I'm looking for a sweater.

I cannot stand the taste of beer. No, not that really great beer that tastes like (insert yummy adjective here), either. It's all gross.

I am a tad bit overly-competitive.

wet paper towels completely gross me out.

I am always late...for everything. Most of my friends and family have adopted the tactic of lying to me when we have plans, telling me to meet up an hour earlier than we are supposed to, to get me there on time.

I always get to the very end of finishing something, then get totally blocked. Like now. That is all.