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Since today is mostly about lounging around and catching up on the TiVo for me, I thought I'd give you a little tv review.

Californication, a new show about Hank, a womanizing 40-something writer, played by none other than Fox Mulder (yes, I was an X-Files fan) looks like it might be my favorite new show in the premium channel original series war. It's a tough one, with shows like the recently defunct John From Cincinnati (boo to HBO for giving up on a show that was not chopped up into easily digestible crap), and Weeds, which just made a triumphant 3rd season premier, to contend with.

It seems very attainable, so I shouldn't have to worry about it being canceled because people don't get it. And despite its slightly predictable scenarios, quotable goodness like this:

"He spent 45 minutes trying to find my clit"
"How'd he do?"
"I'm pretty sure he thinks it's on the bottom"
"Near the vaganus?"

Then, Hank spends some quality time with his daughter. They arrive at his apartment.

daughter: "Father...Why is there a naked lady in your bedroom?...there's no hair on her vagina. Do you think she's ok?"
"I'll check."

To aforementioned naked lady:
"Not only are you a cadaverous lay, you also have shitty taste in movies."

Brilliant. I hope the writers can keep it up. HBO may get its ass kicked.


Joe Speaker said...

Californication gets the TiVo seal of approval (as does Weeds), though I mostly liked it 'cause of the boobies. Lots of boobies. I couldn't really focus on the dialogue.

HBO still has The Wire. Therefore HBO still rules.

elizabeth said...

yes, i should have mentioned its boobaliciousness.
never got into the wire, so here's my scorecard:

HBO: Entourage
Big Love
*Tell Me You Love Me

SHO: Californication
The L Word
**This American Life

*Looks Promising, TBD
**Televised version of the public radio show. Highly recommend it.