October adventures

It seems impossible that it's been almost a year since that picture in the masthead was taken. My niece is so grown up since then, and I am going to get to see her next weekend, along with my pregnant sister, who, if she loves me, will have niece #2 while I'm there. I will do my part by running her around, as she will officially be off of strict bed rest, and exposing her to the hilarity that only my man can bring. I'm pretty sure he may send her into a laughing fit that will spit the baby right out, such is the extent that he brings the funny.

Also, that kind of spontaneous labor would be a great distraction from him meeting my one family member I'm nervous about. He has met my dad, stepmother, sister, brother-in-law, my bestest fabulous gay boyfriend, as well as not one, but two of my exes who remain close friends. I wasn't the least bit worried about any of them. My mother...she is the one to fear. She's a little ummmm unpredictable. She is infamous for saying the following types of things to former boyfriends:

"Sure, you're cute, but I just don't trust you. You have the sort of charm that will wear off in a matter of weeks"

"If you don't treat her better, she's going to run off with someone who is better looking, more fun, and richer than you, and I'll be happy to help her"

Nice, huh? She means well, in her own crazy way, but it's still ridiculous. She wonders why she has never gotten remarried since she and my dad split...which was approximately right after I was born. Yikes.

I've tried to warn the boyfriend as best I can, but really, there is no telling how she will be. She can also be warm and lovely. It's a 50/50 sort of thing. Wish him luck.


BG said...

If I know Bob, he'll honestly try to make it work, but as soon as he figures out she's not going to play nice, he'll trot out the subtle sarcasm and backhanded compliments to keep himself entertained.

He'll be fine...

Wheezy said...


I'm a charmer when it comes to the mom.