gem, jewel, testicles. A fitting word for the gem of a restaurant we went to last night, with my man, whose junk is world famous. Besides, testicles is an awesome word. GYOKU!

So, the surprise last night at dinner was Ninja New York! Sure, my man doesn't really dig Japanese food so much, and being a ninja place, it's all Japanese, but I figured the atmosphere would more than make up for the limited food selections for his ridiculously picky palette. Also? Sake tasting! Yummy.

The place is totally set up like a ninja village, so our table was in its own little soji surrounded room, complete with servers dressed as ninjas, complete with swords and scrolls as menus. Totally kitschy, and hilarious. I loved it. I think he did, too. I highly recommend going there, especially as a big group, because the place is just highly entertaining, and if you like Japanese food, you'll enjoy their quirky take on Japanese dishes. All in all, two katana blades up.