Project Raising the Mother F'n Bar

I'm sure if you've read my site for any length of time at all, you were expecting the Project Runway post. It has begun. These designers? They're not your poor shlubs with zero fashion experience (which is not to say there wasn't talent, just that it was more latent in past seasons, developing immensely through the episodes). This season, there are a myriad of experienced, weird, and seemingly brilliant designers. It's no joke. A short list of some of the talent:

A lingerie designer
A designer with his own line of jeans, featured in Victoria's Secret
A designer for Ralph Lauren (ok, she was the first to go, but whatever)
A costume designer who makes crazy stuff out of well...anything.
A designer who makes 20 foot marionettes...ok this one is wacky.

In fact a couple of them seem deliciously odd. I love. As always, I shall predict my top few favorites, who I will be counting on to not suck, based solely on the first episode.

First, I'm going to say that they all tried...too...hard. It was their first impression on the judges. That said, I think that three of them showed the bones of designers that I look forward to seeing more thoughtful pieces from.

Jack. He's the hottie of the house. He's an activewear designer, and he's all sorts of buff. That's not why I choose him. It's because his basic sensibilities work for me. The dress he designed could be really cute if he had more than 11 hours to make it.

the pattern with that trim had potential.

Victorya. Cute little Asian girl. I think she has good taste, if she can keep herself from adding that last cheesy accessory or detail.

the metallic flowery thingy is gross, but the dress is cute. Who needs to be able to raise your arms anyway? Lateral movement of the shoulders is so overrated.

Rami. I can't believe I actually agreed with the judges. It's classic, it's understated, it's my kind of thing. The stance this model is taking isn't doing it justice, but you should be watching the show, so you should know how lovely it draped.

Some honorable mentions have to be made.

Christian is my favorite personality. He's wacky and outspoken, and he's already throwing people under the bus. "There's some hand sewn crap up in here". He's going to be fun.

Elisa is the hippy weirdo chick of the season. She rubbed silk into the grass, on her hands and knees, to get grass stains on it. On purpose. I'm not sure how long she'll last, but I look forward to her doing yoga in a 6x3 foot space at the end of the bed every morning while she's there. Also, hearing her descriptions of her designs, which seem to be filled with more sound effects than words.

Set your TiVos, people. It's going to rock.


O. Dear said...

Yes! I love Christian. I call him "Hairdo".