I bring you this very simple to understand video so that we may all get on board:

Now, am I, as an artist, moved by the plight of the writer's strike? Totally. I think that the extent to which they are being nickled and dimed while the producers, actors, and directors of TV and movies are rolling around the hills in their Bentleys is bullshit. I've been on the short end of that stick with projects I've been hired to do, so I get it. I relate to it. But that is not why I appeal to you, the vast internets. The truth is that I need my TV. I am not a sports fan. I cannot watch the weather channel for 9 hours a day, like my stepmother can. Even the crappy reality TV I like is at least 1/2 scripted, I'm sure, so they won't even roll out. I mean, I know that Project Runway has this season of its show already in the can, because it's premiering IN FOUR DAYS!!! Sorry, I got excited.

But Gray's Anatomy? How much of that is pretaped? I don't know. McDreamy can't just sit around for the next 3 months not trying to get Meredith to stop being so afraid of commitment. Bailey just got her much-deserved promotion. She can't just wait for the writers to scribble about her kicking ass all over that hospital, and Izzy and George...they have to have some more terrible sex so they realize that...hello! She's super hot and he's ummm George. I digress. The point is, I don't know TV math. I don't know how much my TiVo life will be effected by this strike, but if there's something I can do to poke the powers that be in the proverbial eye so their writers can eat and stuff, let me know. I'm selfish and I want my shows, dammit.

ok, that's all.