Why Internet Shopping can be annoying

So, you know when you're all excited because you find something cool on the internet that you maybe want to buy? And then you check it out and you look for a price, because it would be nice to know how much that cool thing would cost? But then you realize that the item is on a website originally written in a language other than your native language? An then there isn't a price, but a separate "price list" button, which links to a file you have to download? Then you click that download because you need to know what. it. costs. already? But then the price list has EVERY product that website sells, and there's a crappy line drawing of every single one of those products, so you can't really tell which product is the one you were looking for anyway? And then when you finally think you have scrolled down to the product you originally liked, but then the price is listed as 1075,00 and you realize that though the price list has 3 different languages on it, there absolutely no way to tell what currency that number is supposed to be? Yeah, that's annoying. Anyway, this thing is cool. I really wish i could figure out if it's $1000 or 1000 deutschmarks or euros or whatEVER. That's why I won't be purchasing it, because if you're going to make an ENGLISH version of your website to sell shit, maybe you should try to sell it in a recognizable currency to English speaking people. Ok, thanks.

It's neat, though, huh?


Betty Underground said...

Okay, seriously - if your man slave can't build that for you, you totally should beat his girlie ass. And not in that fun w/paddle way!

Heck, YOU could totally build it! But it would be cooler if he did it for you, cuz that's just plain sweet.

sitboaf said...

Make one out of metal and sell it.
I'd totally pay 1250 rubles for that.

elp said...

It's adequate.