Listen Up, Poker People...

As the trip reports from Vegas come trickling in, I am admittedly envious that I wasn't there. I had commitments which prevented me from leaving town just now. While all of the wonderful degenerates were partying it up in Sin City, I was teaching my first actual yoga class on Sunday. It was a great experience, and while I would have loved to be in the desert deflecting backhanded compliments, I cannot regret doing this part of my yoga certification.

Because I haven't even been to a beginner yoga class in about 10 years, it was a very new experience. The only people I've taught were people with a ton of yoga experience...the people I was in teacher training with. Guiding people through poses who had no idea what those poses were supposed to look or feel like was enlightening. Then I proceeded to torture myself by taking two torturous back-to-back classes later in the day, which rendered me slightly crippled for the past two days. Sort of like I was in Vegas after all, only instead of alcohol induced dehydration and sleep deprivation, my body simply felt steam-rollered.

I implore you all for more photos, and for video, because if I couldn't be there, I could at least live vicariously. I would especially appreciate any footage in which my man is making a complete ass out of himself, because let's face it, that's pure gold.


Joe Speaker said...

Our hotel room: 10 a.m. Saturday. I walk in and the disembodied head of Uncle Bracelet raises from the bed and says, "Guess who's busted?"

"Drizz?" I say, knowing full well that's incorrect.

"Not drizz," comes the affirmation.

Betty said...

I spent a good 17 minutes listening, with excellent active listening skills, to the sweet sweet story of how you two met.

Never thought it would take Garth 17 minutes to find me a fresh cocktail, but it created a captive audience for Mr. Babble Head Bracelet.

I was sad you were not able to attend.

elizabeth said...

speaker: yes, it seems this vegas trip (with the exception of the last day's sports bet win) was yet another example of how the gambling gods hate him and abuse him. it's the only consolation i have about you being his roomie for this trip instead of me.

betty: i'm so very sad that i didn't get to meet you while you were HERE or in vegas. next time you are within 20 miles of me, i shall hunt you down and force cocktails upon you. you only get a pass because of your run-in with your ex, which was highly enjoyable reading.