Selling the American Dream

You may notice that there are some small ads on this page. They've always been there, lurking about, asking you to click on them, and more importantly, they are a source of amusement for me. I find it fascinating what some ad bots seem to find appropriate to list here. Other sources for ad space are a bit of a mystery to me. The newest one, for example. In what way does this site say "Hey, are you a guy who cannot possibly find someone who speaks your own language to put up with you? I have the perfect solution! Buy a bride! She will HAVE to marry you, regardless of how much of an asshole you are! If you can fork over the cash, you too, can experience marital bliss!"???

Nonetheless, there it is. So if you are a pain in the ass man who can't get a chick, click away. Your dream girl could be just a green card away. You are very welcome.

Also, I am still accepting suggestions for a new name for this place. The reward will be a custom metal sculpture by yours truly. Either email your ideas to me, or post in comments.


Uncle Bracelet said...

Maybe I can find a wife from the Maldives on there. Going to visit in-laws would rock!

Uncle Bracelet said...

By the way, all the chicks in the pictures look like they have great lives! Pictures on boats, in beautiful surroundings, fancy jewelry, professional photography sessions.

I'd love to see the average pound differential in what you see and what you get. It's gotta be at +/- 75lbs.

Human Head said...

Okay, so it was a while ago you first asked for names. Having only read you for a few months I'll submit a couple given that a second mention means nothing has made the cut.

Don't get your hopes up. Mine are prolly gonna suck as well.

Given that your space isn't about anyone thing, other than your life in general, how bout...

eLIZABETH (think eTrade, eCommerce, etc., as that sort of thing hasn't been used to death at all)



Failing that.....there's always Banging Bobby Bracelet.

Told ya, don't get your hopes up :)

elizabeth said...

the word nerd within me LOVES me some alliteration. banging bobby bracelet is hilarious and lovely.