Dear Producers at Bravo,

I love Top Chef. That said, was it really necessary to have the first part of the finale replete with piglets? Piglets are awesome as long as they are running around looking all cute. Sliced open or spinning on a spigot, though? That will just make me avert my eyes and whine about it. Which means I spent a great deal of the first half of the show not actually watching, but listening to figure out when it would stop already. Please only display ugly things to be butchered and eaten in the future. Like brussel sprouts. Hideous creatures, those things.



donkeypuncher said...

How is that Lisa bitch still on???

elizabeth said...

ugh, i know, right? it seems that it's a formula...every season, one good chef needs to be screwed right at the very end so the "evil" character is in the finale.

season 1: lee anne
season 2: sam
season 3: brian
season 4: antonia

getting a little old, really.