funny enough to post

and twitter, because seriously? check it out!

Not nearly as hilarious if you don't recognize that man, but I know him well, and I barely do. Go, alter loved ones, hilarity will ensue.


Betty Underground said...

Ummm... DID YOU JUST BLOG?????? Will I see you in Vegas?????

I'm beginning to think you are just Bobby pretending to be a girl.

elizabeth said...

ha! i did.

also, i'll be in vegas, so i can prove i'm totally not bob. it will be stellar.

can't wait to see ya!

Betty Underground said...
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Kenny Ray said...

I thought something, a bookcase perhaps, had fallen on you and you were trapped, just inches away from the computer, desperate to type in your SOS that someone on the interwebs might come save you.

Glad you're alive. Hope we'll hear/read more from you soon :)

Jeff Cutler said...

YOU DID blog! When in Vegas? I'll be there in a couple weeks. Will you continue to blog or is this just a tease? Are you going to sitboaf's wedding?