Finally got my flight booked to go down to Charlotte for Christmas. It's not that I don't want to see my family, but planning a trip amidst the chaos that is my life is not fun. For all I know, I'll be moving the day of my flight down there, or the day I return. See, that's the fun thing about everything being up in the air. I also need to count on the ex to take care of the dogs for the 5 days that I'm away, and I'm feeling uneasy about that. He's always been fine with them, he does love them; but like everything else in life that doesn't involve work, they will not be a priority, so I'm sure by the time I get home, they will be bursting with the need for some attention. He's also been especially bipolar for the last few days. I don't know if it's the reality of the situation finally sinking in, or that he's as fed up as I am with the current living arrangements. Either way, to say that he's been unpleasant is a bit like stating that Hitler wasn't a very nice guy. Christmas just sucks this year. Following is my christmas list, just in case there really is a santa claus.

a new home, devoid of man mess and hostility
an endless supply of work that I actually want to do
the return of my social life (which has suffered greatly due to living with an anti-social for 6 years)
the ability to sleep somewhat normal hours
inner peace

not to much to ask, is it?