What, might you ask, does one do to relieve the stress one may be under when completely reexamining and changing one's life? I'm sure a sane person might opt for pills..lots of them, and preferably ones that cause much happiness. I never claimed to be sane, however, so my answer is to tie myself into many knots until the physical pain overcomes any mental confusion happening. I've done yoga on and off for years and years, but in the past couple of months, it's become an obsession. I have serious commitment issues, yet allowed the yoga people to convince me to commit to 6 months of classes. That isn't the main motivation, though, as I have missed classes and have actually dragged my lazy ass into equally scary positions here in the confines of my own apartment. Oddly enough, it's helping. I highly recommend that you try it if you haven't. I'm not pulling a Tom Cruise here; I'm not claiming that vitamins and exercise can easily take the place of needed meds. I'm just saying, for me, it's good stuff. My hamstrings may disagree, but their opinion is totally irrelevant anyway.


4onthefloor said...

Bravo with the consistent blogging as of yet. For women i am a firm believer in yoga, and strength and elasticity it allows the female body to conform to. As for being a "stress reliever" towards men. Would it be as usesful as removing a rib?