Family is fun, isn't it? So, on top of uprooting my entire existence and all the fun that entails, there has also been some added excitement sprinkled into the mix. On Thanksgiving, I saw almost all of my extended family. When your mother is one of 12, that's a lot of family. But that's for another time. This involves my father's smaller side of the family, the one where there is a normal amount of aunts and uncles (2) and cousins (3). So, the oldest of those cousins, whom we will refer to as "J" informs me that he is having major family issues, and is likely in the beginning stages of divorce. This is sad, as they have 2 young children and apparently, there have been some seriously ugly battles at home. I commiserated with him on the horror that relationships can be, and figured I'd see him again at next year's holiday dinner, or at a funeral, whichever comes first. But later in the weekend, I received a text message from him...at 1 am..saying that he needed somewhere to crash. Of course, I called him and told him to come over. Never mind the fact that I'm in a studio apartment, with the ex and the 2 dogs, until the apartment downstairs is finished and the ex moves into it and i move out totally. I tried to explain that the digs would be nothing fabulous, but he was more than welcome. He came over almost 2 hours later. This isn't a big deal, as I don't sleep often before 4 am, but when he got here, he was AWAKE, and therefore, I was as well, until 7am. The early morning hours were just filled with the kind of blistering anger and sadness that only a a man with a broken heart can muster.

So, since that night, J has been in and out, half of his belongings here, and the rest strewn between his house, friends' and his parents'. He never knows what the state of things will be when he goes home, so ours has been a revolving door. He sometimes shows up in the middle of the day, sometimes in the middle of the night. Maybe it's somewhat of a blessing, as it makes me completely lose focus of the disaster that is my life at the moment, and listening to him bitch about the evils of women is pretty humorous. The place I'm moving into is a 2 bedroom, and he knows that he will always have a place to go if he needs it, but there will be one huge change in the situation. He's not getting the key. I love him and all, and i feel for his situation, but I will be SINGLE for the first time in 6 years. A girl needs her privacy, and let's face it. Older male cousin walking into the apartment at all hours could definitely put a damper on the social life.


Leo Daugherty said...

As the "older cousin" mentioned in LilBitch's blog today, I take deep offense at her remarks. She does not appreciate the fact that I am the one stable factor -- indeed the very center -- of her otherwise-chaotic and senseless life. Frankly, I can't wait for her ex to leave -- and then for her to leave. God meant for me to live here.

elizabeth said...

you're too old to be my cousin, leo. you would have to be my 4th or 5th cousin, and i'm pretty sure even then, you'd be almost dead