Welcome Back

So much to discuss in this new incarnation, i'm a bit overwhelmed. For now i will just start out with the basics: where we'll be going with this in the coming weeks and months. I'm moving, and not into the place i spent 2 years designing and bitching about. Instead, i'm moving into a place of my own. This is a bittersweet move for me, as i'm looking forward to being in my own space after six years of sharing a place that at times was claustrophobic both physically and emotionally. Still, it's a little daunting, as i explore life as a somewhat struggling artist. Should be lots of fodder for this space. The upside to this is that i'm single. Maybe it's not an upside, since dating absolutely bites, but again, lots to bitch about in that department, without a doubt. Welcome. Stretch out, make yourself comfortable.


placebo said...

So now that you're writing again, when are you going to update the sirens page?

4onthefloor said...

lilbitch is brand new once again, "watchout world" cheers to a new beginning for you and anything unfinished. To the eclectic ,exclusive ,elusive one. Cheers to you and a happy 2006!