moving by numbers

10. Extra trips back and forth to the old apartment for stupid things I forgot the first 34 trips
9. Number of times my little sensitive puppy puked in the first 2 days of the move. He may have some coping issues relating to change.
8. Days it will take the cable company to hook up service
7. Boxes of shoes that i own...never realized there were so many til I had to lug them with me. (well worth it)
6. People it took to move the bulk of my junk in the first crucial moving day
5. Doormen I had to introduce myself to in the first day.
4. Boxes of product i, skin, nails. shocking only because i'm a fairly low-maintenance girl. that stuff piles up
3. estimated days left until everything is completely unpacked and organized.
2. fights with the ex over stuff being moved. One was over some morroccan lights my sister gave me a few years ago. He knew he had no claim, but was just being a brat because they're fabulous. The other was over some pots and pans. Have I mentioned he DOESN'T cook? ever? Yeah, I won that one.
1. Pumpkin scone bought, and eaten, after sitting a full 12 hours in the apartment with nobody else there to eat it. It was the yummiest scone ever.

So, that's it in a nutshell. I'm in, I'm mostly settled, and I'm writing this in the local CharBucks©, which has a very precarious internet connection. Please forgive grammar/spelling. Too tedious to check when I only have an open slot of 2 seconds or so at a time when the connection is good. Should be online Friday. Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year.