The self abuse never ends

So, today I tried to chop off my finger. I got the cutest coffee/espresso maker, and I love it. It's been fun experimenting with it, getting all the levels just right. For anyone who has even the slightest coffee obsession, you know that when you get a new machine to make the coffee, you have to learn exactly how much coffee, how finely ground, etc, to create yumminess. And it gives me an excuse, during this experimentation period, to have a quintuple shot latte. It's all for the noble cause of getting the perfect shot.

So today, after my super-charged caffeine fix, I was wiping everything down on the machine, as usual. It has this drip tray thingy that I always pop out to rinse off, and occassionally, a drip gets down below into the bottom cavernous area of the machine after I take the tray thing out. So I reach down in there with the sponge to wipe it up, and the side of the opening where the tray goes gashed through my little pinky. You know that little bulbous tip of your finger? My right pinky's little bulb is now shaved flat, and you know what? That little chubby thing bleeds like a sonofabitch when you cut it. I still love the coffeemaker, even though it assualted me. It does make a kickass latte. I'll just have to be more protective of the digits.


Jeff said...

Serendipity? I hope not.
Yesterday, two months after my brother and his dog moved out, I tried his coffee maker. He is a chef and has access to good stuff, so the equipment at his current apt. is as good as the coffee maker he left behind.
The one that is now MINE grinds coffee and makes liquid coffee without a second thought (I'll have to consult a cookbook or the fad we call the Internet for ways to make espresso and Lattes).
BUT, unlike your tale of woe, I didn't hurt myself in any way, shape or form and made a mean cup of Phil Ligget Morning Brew last night at midnight.
Hoo Ray Me.

sitboaf said...

Owie. Why is it so sharp?
You should contact the manufacturer and tell them that their coffee is good, but not so good that you want to risk severing your own digits on their razor-edged machine.