a small reprieve

Until I find the cord that links my camera to my computer, you will not be inundated with more pictures of brand new, beautiful Lillian.

It was a good trip to see sis and the newly larger fam. So glad I went. Sadly, I had to leave my sweet puppies to make the trip, and they were just getting comfy and settled into the new pad. And here is where "J" comes back into the picture.

Yes, there is still crazy married/divorce drama happening with him, so he asked if he could stay here while I was away. Good for him to have a place to get away from the crazy home situation, and I get a live-in dog walker. Good deal, right? Umm not. Turns out he was way more interested in taking this opportunity to relive his misspent youth. The ex called me while I was away to let me know that just because my cousin was a screw up and not taking care of the dogs, I had no need to worry, he was on top of it. Oh, and by the way, he mentions, he's been eating and drinking in the ex's restaurant for a week straight without ONCE offering to pick up a tab. He neglected the dogs, left my place a mess, and as a fun bonus, instead of picking me up at the airport when I returned, he went back to his house, had a huge blowout with the wife and was arrested when she decided to file a restraining order against him. He was, no doubt, under the influence of one or several mood altering chemicals at the time. It may seem like I'm being selfish and heartless about J's marital woes. I assure you it is not without reason. Everyone within a 100 mile radius of J has warned him of his idiotic behavior, and that it will land him in a jail cell because his wife has been threatening him with that exact action for months. Besides, if he's going to act like a guest on Springer, he totally deserves to be ridiculed.