Testing my new blogger widget.  Quite neat if it works well.

*cool, it works. note to widget creating people: Enable editing of last post. That would make this widget kick ass more. Thank you


Jeff said...

What's the NAME of the widget you're using? Maybe some of the poor souls in HOT HOT HOT Florida with the sand between our toes might want something to do while we're here. Perhaps adding to our own blogs via Blackberry, Handspring Treo or even Verizon Cell phone would be nice. If you'd share! SELFISH! Heretic. Blasphemer.

Oh, sorry. I must have got carried away. The sun went behind a cloud for a moment and it made me think my vacation was over and I had to travel back to the snow. I guess I don't.

And by the way, I'll be visiting Disney next week if you want me to rub that in too.

Finally, my blog has been updated again...thanks for the comment. AND the blogger verification word this time has the semblance of dirtiness and offends my very sensible sensibilities... :-)

It's: zomskn

sitboaf said...

Hooray for the OS X blogger widget!
I thought Miss Lilbit's headline "Blogdget" was barely descriptive and very cumbersome. I provided these alternatives (even tho the widget already has a real name!) as names for her entry. They were summarily rejected, and I seek the wisdom of the blogoshphere to judge my names more fairly:
WidgeBlog, BlogWidge, Blidget, Ex-post Factoid.
Thank you.

elizabeth said...

yeah i thought blog widget was pretty much sufficient in letting one know what the name was..i guess i should have specified that it's a mac osx thing.

and boafie, blodget still kicks your widgeblog's ass

word verification: ooohlpoil (eww that sounds dirty)

Joe Speaker said...

Very nice redesign, lilb. And thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. I've always said my target demographic is insomniacs. Glad I finally hooked one.

elizabeth said...

thanks, joe. glad you could drop by.