the craving

Overall, you could say i'm a pretty healthy eater.  Some have called my eating habits somewhat "tree-hugging", despite the fact that I am not even a vegetarian.  I do buy lots of organic stuff, and though I don't believe in dieting, I generally like real and good food.  For the last few days, though, I've been completely craving the FatBurger.  It is my philosophy that if your body really craves something though, you should just go ahead and eat it, instead of torturing yourself with guilt and nonsense.***

So, off to FatBurger I go.  It's like 4 minutes from here.  I dig my new place.

***common sense disclaimer:  by cravings, I am referring to food.  If you  crave something a bit more perilous, say heroin or dismembering small animals, this in no way should be taken as encouragement to give in to those cravings.  That's just gross.


4onthefloor said...

MM that sounds like a great burger place.. Im glad that its not 4mins from me, for obvious health reasons. Dont think i won't mapquest that joint though. Careful the crazies out there don't lock down your coordinates. =p