I might be dying

It started last night with a little rattly cough. Today, I woke up with a 300 pound person sitting on my chest, aches everywhere and the chills. I almost never get sick. I am completely capable of running myself down to exhaustion, but this whole real flu-like sick thing has been something I've managed to evade for years. I'm too uncomfortable to sleep and I won't even be on here for long because looking at this screen is hurting my eyeballs. Even my scalp is sore where the hair is growing out. Just getting the dogs walked was a challenge because I'm feeling very dizzy. This is one of those things that makes living alone suck a little bit. Nobody to fall back on when you feel like you may be dying. This is one of those rare instances where I wish I was into pharmaceuticals..but alas, I don't even take aspirin. So, as much as any advice you might have about what to take to kill this thing would be appreciated for the kindness it is, I'm afraid I'm going to have to tough it out and let my body do its job to fight it off.


Jeff said...

Avian Flu I suspect. I would try and create a supercollider of chicken soup, bird's-nest soup, Miso soup (just because it has Tofurkey in it), and Chicken in a Bisket crackers.

Then, once you've dirtied up the entire kitchen with bird items, I would cook some eggs and suck on a chicken boullion cube.

Otherwise, hang in there and I'll send a chain email out to the entire world to see if I can get Nigerian lottery officials to pray for you.

sitboaf said...

Awww. Yeah, what Jeff said.
And, go here, not for the card so much, but for the fact it has one of the most delightful midi renditions i've heard.

sitboaf said...

also, for my favorite lil piggy, this is funny, if it doesn't make you insane: