give a lil

Went to a benefit last night at Mannahatta for Sloan-Kettering. The party was thrown by one of the club's owners, in honor of his sister, who is a brain cancer survivor. Her doctor also happened to be the same surgeon who treated my ex's father a couple of years ago. Also brain cancer, not such successful results, sadly. Susan, though..the benefit's honoree, is doing amazingly well. Puts some stuff into perspective, really. She is young and beautiful and her family is so very gracious and kind. I felt lucky just to be there to witness that kind of support and love and to do my small part to help the cause.

Oh, and the previous mention of how I'm a sucker..related slightly. I was accosted outside the grocery store the other day when I hadn't slept all night by the sponser-a-child people. So yeah, her name is Jesza, she lives in the Philippines and she's 7. I was such an easy mark.