Good God, I'm Tired

So, you may have noticed that I have been absent for a couple of days. It's been all about that project I discussed before. I've been putting in some long nights, and was quite proud of myself yesterday because I thought I had things totally under control and ready for today's installation. The tricky part of this intall is that I wasn't going to be using my regular installation guy, "C". The cool thing about C is that he is not only a good friend of mine, but he is the do-it-all guy. He's an electrician, he knows how to weld, he is masterful at correcting anything that could possibly go wrong on a project. The thing is, the client has gutted her entire apartment, so she has a contractor at her beckoning to do stuff like this. Fair enough. So, I asked C to come by the studio yesterday afternoon to help with some wiring and do a test mounting of the biggest piece, to make sure there were no snags to be had this morning. As he put this gigantic wall sculpture/light on the wall, I started to realize, to my horror, that it just wasn't staying level. Part of the problem is that it was comprised of several pieces, which were meant to all get screwed together after achoring the piece on either end. Gravity was not being kind, and after messing with it for about 30 minutes, I decided I was going to have to weld the whole thing together in order to retain its integrity. This posed a problem because a. the piece was already completely finished and sealed; and b. because there is fabric integrated, which would no longer be attachable/detachable if the entire thing was welded together. So, I quickly realized that what was planned as being an afternoon of some last minute details was turning into a gigantic 6pm, with the installation scheduled for 8:30 am. I tried to go..client is a doctor, she rescheduled her entire day to be available. This is when the quitting smoking thing officially went on hiatus. I was at the studio until 6am. Rushed home to walk and feed poor neglected puppies, quick shower and off to the installation. Yay me, for at least getting it done pulling the all-nighter, right? Umm no..The client is totally unhappy with the finish of the pieces (looking like steel, because, well it's steel and not stainless or chrome or nickel). So nothing actually got installed, and I actually have to go into the studio at some point today and try to get the steel to look like something other than what it actually is. I have to have this sample non-steel-looking-steel done for tomorrow at 1pm because my client is leaving for vacation tomorrow afternoon. First thing is first though, it is serious power nap time.

Oh, it also turns out that I'm a total sucker when sleep deprived... but more on that later. (hey, not a bad cliffhanger, huh?)


Jeff said...

Cliffhanger, smiffhanger.

Any of us could guess that you being a sucker has to do with your purchase of land from Erik Estrada. And the worst part of it is that when I drive to FL next week and buzz through Jersey and NY (not in that order), I'll not have time to plan nor attend the intervention necessary to get you off the cancer sticks, off the Estrada land swap, and off the guilt you likely feel for being a sucker...whatever the REAL suckerism event is.

Here's the scolding part of the comment. Bad Lil for not posting and leaving the minions hanging. We had all assumed - OK, just me - that you had decided that Black Tuesday was the last straw and you were going to start a new life as a lesbian pig farmer.

But then I remembered the puppies and the love you have professed for all things interesting. And while pigs are most similar to humans for everything except their snouts, they are not at all clever in their conversation. It's mostly grunts and snorts, much like dinner when I'm eating alone.

Don't you feel responsible that my meals are frequently taken whilst sitting alone watching Seinfeld or Real Sex on HBO. Just remain content that I'll beep once as I blaze through NYC and NJ at 4AM next Wednesday.