More proof that men are stupid

The ex called me today because he is forwarding all of my tax stuff to his accountant (who has done my taxes for 6 years). There are purchases from the renovation that are tax write-offs, and almost everything was purchased in my name. I know that so far, this sounds like an anecdote about how men are actually quite smart, since he is on the ball with this whole tax preparation thing. This is how the conversation went:

S (ex): Ok, so let me just make sure i have all your information so he can get this done..[obviously reading from a tax form] What's your social security number?
me: xxx-xx-xxxx but i'm sure he has it in his files..he's done my taxes for years
S: Oh, i know, just want to have everything in order so it gets done quickly.
me: Ok, anything else?
S: [still reading from form] Date of Birth
me: I've known you for 10 years. Do you really not know my birthday?
S: Oh, duh, of course I do. I just umm, you know..was in work mode, you know?
me: Yeah, you're totally retarded.

*This is a man who runs three companies. How scary is that?

On a totally unrelated note..

Ok the superbowl commercials weren't so bad. If you you, like me, couldn't sit through the game for long enough to enjoy them, here they are. via Dan