can't stop..

I have been obsessively messing with the masthead for this site. I'm beginning to get myself a little nutty about it, as it's kicking in some OCD issues. I'm now tearing myself away from it so that I can get some actual work done today. Perhaps I can put that obsessive behavior to good use for the remainder of the day. Which will be good, because at this point, I will be at the studio until late tonight. Blah


Jeff said...

So excited to read the more proof that men are stupid - don't know how I missed that before. I must be a man.

Also, I think the header RIGHT NOW is fairly hot and I've taken a screen shot of it so I can.....well, never mind.

Actually, I've been away and haven't seen any of the trials you've been going through with the design of the site. I thought it looked fine before and it looks fine now. Just keep the writing on the edge of sane and we'll all be happy.

"These are O-R scrubs."
"Oh, are they?"