Room with a View

The bad thing about not living in Manhattan is..well not living there. The good thing is that I do get to wake up every day and wave good morning. This is the view from my living room, which is essentially the same as from my bedroom since they are side by side.

This is the view from the 2nd bedroom/office, which is the only room still not at all organized. The thought of going through all those boxes of files, pictures and office supplies doesn't strike me as fun. I will, like everything else I procrastinate about, get to it eventually.

And yes, here it is..the couch.

Proof that my niece will be raised properly

Yup, the kid's got an iPod. It was her source of entertainment while still in the hospital. Being as cool as she is destined to be, I'm sure she enjoyed a vast array of chick music, classic rock and the stylings of legends like Dylan. Rock on, Lillian.