work shmirk

So, my current project has been in a holding pattern for a while now, as my client's designer, the Fabulous Mark (given this nickname by me, for his o-so-gayness that he must be called fabulous) was choosing fabric and trying to decide what the dining room table would look like, hence potentially altering the design for the light hanging over said table. Then, all of a sudden, last week, everyone wanted everything done "right away". Umm right. Let's give a bit of insight into the creative mind (or at least mine; I cannot claim to know the inner workings of other artist/designer minds, as we're all fucked up in our own unique ways).

1. Get informed of new project, creative juices begin to flow
2. Meet with new client, discuss ideas, sketch, conjure, creative juices bubbly
3. Do proposal, final drawings, paperwork (blah, this part sucks and forces creative juices to curdle slightly)
4. Get approval, get money, order stuff needed, await goodies to arrive to commence brilliant new creation
5. Work in mad waves of genius, occassionally taking everything apart and restarting

Now, ideally, this would be followed by scheduling timelines and the choosing of peripheral materials (fabric, etc), which all lead to the completion of the project. If, however, a Fabulous Mark is in the picture, who screeches those things to a halt, the creative process continues as follows:

6. Wait for decisions to be made
7. Decide that taking the dogs for a walk on an unusually sunny day would be more productive than going to the studio, because there isn't anything of substance left to do before the final materials are picked out.
8. Those plants are in really ugly pots. I bet I could find some much better ones online somewhere. Find, order pots and several other indoor gardening essentials that would never be essential if I hadn't inherited these 2 sad plants when moving into the new apartment.
9. Ok, maybe today I'll go to the studio and do some small stuff on the pieces while I await Fabulous Mark's decisions. Then I'll go to yoga. Mmmm yoga. Maybe I'll just look for some new yoga gear. I'll go to the studio tomorrow.

You see how the disruption in the natural flow completely alters the process? So now, many weeks after #6, I am expected to jump ahead to #47 or something, wherein I get back into the mindset of finishing this job. I have done so in the last couple of days, which means I have spent many, many hours in the studio. Install date is less than 2 weeks away.

Is it too late to claim that I can't possibly accept these time constraints due to my delicate artist nature?