Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

Ok, so not lions or tigers, but bears! Oh my! Well, one bear. Bears are really cute. From afar. I was at my friend J's house and we were just hanging out, about to order some Thai food, when his dog, practically a bear himself, started freaking out. We went out on his deck (high off the ground, as the house is on very steep property) to check out the sitch, and down below, in the woods in the back was a real life teddy bear. I guess hibernation time is officially done. Spring is in the air. When we went to leave a little while later to pick up the food, the bear was chilling out next to a bush at the edge of the driveway. Not quite as cute at that close range. Quite scary, in fact.

Many lights and loud noises later, the bear went on his way (after checking out the contents of the garbage cans outside), and we were free to leave. Sometimes I truly appreciate being a city girl.