Quirk Me

Things are running smoothly, which is great for me, but not such good fodder for a blog which focuses on rants. I did get a comment which helped to feed the fire, though (thanks kjm). Weird habits, idiosyncrasies and ticks of people I've dated. There have been lots. Some humorous, some downright annoying.

towel hogger: I dated a guy who showered incessantly. sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. He always smelled yummy, which was nice, but I couldn't help but think there was a deep-seeded issue with him feeling so unclean. He also used 2 towels when he got out of the shower..one would be wrapped around his waist (normal guy shower behavior), and the other would be wrapped around his shoulders. I just didn't get that.

sleeping issues: Now, I'm not one to pick on anyone's sleeping issues, normally, because I don't sleep so well. However, when one consistently gets out of bed to sleep on the hard wood floor, it's unnerving. He claimed that the bed was "too comfortable". What does that even mean?

the comedian: Yes, he was actually a comedian, but the annoying thing was that he just couldn't shut it off. As I've mentioned, I love to laugh, but his sense of humor was such a severe defense mechanism, it was impossible to talk about anything serious. Unless it was a medical issue, because he was also a hypochondriac. Tough to deal with a guy who is constantly joking and also dying of some difficult-to-diagnose illness every week.

too much junk talk: This guy had the inappropriate habit of talking about his penis constantly. He was obsessed with it, and frankly, if you're going to find something to obsess about, it should be something much grander. Not that he was severely lacking, just that he was pretty much average. Somehow, he became convinced that he was extremely impressive in this area. The best part of this is he wound up marrying a virgin. I guess he needed to be with someone who had no basis for comparison.

porn guy: I'm no prude when it comes to porn..in fact, I'm totally fine with it. Some porn is hot. That being said, nobody needs to arrive at her boyfriend's house and be immediately confronted with porn all the time. It starts feeling like you are just an extra in some weird virtual orgy.

In the name of fairness, I have my own quirks. They are mainly based on domestic stuff. I like my bathroom sink area to be completely clean. Soap is allowed, but that's it. Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, etc..all have their place in cabinets. I also iron my sheets and pillowcases. I know it's weird, because they just get wrinkled the first time you sleep on them, but I just like it when I make my bed and everything is crisp and smooth-looking, like a department store display. So, I have a little "Sleeping with the Enemy" in me.

So far, ungay guy has shown no signs of weird habits, unless working out counts. I'm not about to pick on that though, since his body is amazing...and, it turns out, he has a very much functioning brain to match. This one could be trouble.

I'd love to hear about the bizarre habits you've run into. Bring on the weirdness


kjm said...

Well, since you asked... this guy was just downright bizarre. Harmless and nice enough, but geez... for starters, he had this thing about someone touching his chest. He would put his hand across him as you leant in. That was fun. Then, for the more icky kind, he was totally the girl in the relationship. He even said it once. Not in any gay kind of way, but he was so submissive and needy ... eww. Finally, he had this thing where he would wiggle his way into the fetal position on my lap when we were hugging so it was kinda like he was about to nurse. And he once said "I sometimes lie this way with my mom." That was enough... he didn't last very long at all.

elizabeth said...

ok ew, i don't like him at all. the fetal position in lap thing would be grounds for kicking his ass.