So, apparently, when you are single after many years of being unsingle, your friends feel the need to "introduce" you to all these random single guys. I had 2 phone calls today informing me that I'm supposed to be meeting such people. One is the artist brother of a guy my friend is dating...like for the past 3 seconds, so I haven't even met him yet. This new boy toy of my friend is described as extremely good-looking, but claims that his artist brother "got all the looks in the family". [Does this mean he's beautiful but vacant? Not that I'm against that sort of thing, but it would get boring after about 23 minutes].

The second is a friend of someone I saw the night I went to see Billy Joel. He claims I'd be perfect for a friend of his. Two problems with this:

1. I was, as you may recall from that link, in very rare form that night.
2. I neither remember this guy who wants me to meet his friend, nor anything I may have said to him that may have led him to the conclusion that I'd be perfect for his friend.

The only thing I do know is that I had about 3 shots of Petron by the time the group of guys of which he was amongst arrived at the bar, and at least a scotch, perhaps 2. Maybe his friend is a heavily drinking guy who really digs chicks who can handle their liquor (at this point, I was handling it just fine..it was after the concert that I wasn't in complete control.)

I wasn't even entertaining the thought of dating anyone at this point. I guess I should consider it, but I can't say I'm looking forward to all that small talk and game-playing that inevitably goes on in the dating game. I guess it doesn't matter, though, since my friends are gladly accepting and trying to arrange these intros. I have a feeling if I don't play along, I will get blindsided by some happy "coincidence" the next time I go out with either of them. I just realized that I have totally never been on a blind date. This could be scary.


Jeff said...

My phone keeps not ringing. Snif.
And why aren't your images loading for me in FireFox? They work fine in Safari but I've migrated most of my stuff to FF and now I can't see your background on the blog.

elizabeth said...

the firefox thing is something i struggled with when i first redesigned. everyone else actually saw things normally when they came to the blog but for some reason, my computer was missing images and formatting. I trashed all my cookies and cleared the history in firefox, restarted it and it worked.

Joe Speaker said...

That is frightening. I wonder if I'll get that treatment in a few months? Probably. I guess it's better than friends saying, "Sorry, I don't know anyone who I would allow you to date."

Live blogging a blind date? Could be a big hit.

elizabeth said...

totally scary, and yes..prepare yourself. you will be accosted by various women with single friends in the near future.
Hmm how would one live blog a blind date? It's not as if i can bring the laptop with me and jot notes. I do promise, however, that there will be a full rundown on the dating process here. I reserve the right to leave out nitty gritty details for any dates that may go really really well. unless those details are very funny.