Project Letdown

I love love love Project Runway. That being said, I thought the finale came to a rather sucky conclusion. Fashion is art and art is subjective, nobody knows this better than I. These are my thoughts anyway:

1. Daniel's collection, though it seemed disjointed before it walked down the runway, actually showed beautifully.
2. Santino showed a more elegant and beautiful side of his creative genius, and I thought his collection was breathtaking.
3. Chloe is an amazing seamstress, her pieces are always made very well, and she sews things with perfection. Her collection also sucked-ass ugly.

I would have been fine with Daniel winning; I would have been thrilled with Santino winning. But Chloe? Seriously? Who is wearing this??


For those of you who don't watch the show..these are a couple of pieces from the "losers":

If a picture speaks a thousand words, some of the words the above pictures are saying: "First group of pictures...ew..second group of pictures...ooooh pretty."


Jeff said...

Which dress were you modeling?
BTW, I don't watch (or didn't watch) the show, but I think you're correct in your assessment. The bottom row of photos is tops in my book.
I gots lots of photos up today too. Hmmmmm, synchronicity? Or some other Police song?

Cyd said...

Must be an east-west thing. I liked Chloe's stuff. I actually agreed with the judges - for about the first time this season. Maybe it's an old/young thing - I could more easily wear Chloe or Daniel than Santino. Santino doesn't have enough structure to hide all the bumps and lumps I've accumulated over the years. I did love his color pallet.

OK - I'm gonna be in NYC in May to see a Broadway show. First time in 34 years. Do you know of a good B&B or small hotel? I don't need fancy - just comfortable and reasonable.

I stopped in to see if I could post this request - couldn't resist posting about Project Runway - definately must see TV for me - although I'm getting really tired of Heidi!
Thanks for any help! !!

elizabeth said...

hmm small hotels and b&bs..not something I have any first hand knowledge of, but there are a couple places I've heard about. "Reasonable" is so subjective here.

There's 414 which is a little boutique hotel I've heard good things about. It's near the theater district.

Also, there's the place where kere and kjm stayed when they were here. Very cute place, I think it was reasonable. The name is completely eluding me now. Will post it when I either remember or ask them.

How long will you be here?

kerewin said...

While I definitely liked the lower set of clothes better, I would say the top row looks more "couture" and indeed I liked them also.

I would say any of those 3 people had a long future in the fashion industry.

As for the name of the place we stayed, you'll have to check with kjm, she found the place. It wasn't too much as I recall and it WAS cute.

sitboaf said...

though i think the nicest of chloe's pieces were really wonderful, no one presented 13 good works.
I would have voted for daniel. maybe if those disgusting handbags had stayed lost...

cyd said...

OK - I posted back earlier. Guess I didn't hit the correct button, so I'll try to re-create my reply. We're coming into town either 5/12 or 5/13 early am. When I bought the tickets I didn't realize it was Mother's Day weekend. Being in the seafood business, we're a bit busy that weekend - it's the biggest restaurant day of the year. I think we're going to stay for 2 - 3 days so we'll be leaving on Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for the tip on 414 - it looks cute and definately in the right price range - but it's all booked up that weekend. I guess a lot of Mothers come to NYC. Or, maybe a lot of people run away from their mothers to NYC. I appreciate your help. If you think of anything - let me know - I'm at cyd at mac dot com.